Apps to Aid Learner Drivers

We’ve worked on a series of paid apps for Driving Instructors and their pupils. We explain below two apps that have been purchased in their thousands.

Road Board
Without a doubt the most essential app for Driving Instructors in the UK. It features 45 different road situations, plus an endless array of items, road markings, signs and road users to build up your own scenes. Instructors or their pupils can recreate practically anything that would happen in a driving lesson, and save custom scenes to return to them again and again.

roadboard n7

Road Pad
Road Pad helps an instructor create their own personal teaching aids, perfectly tailored to a local area and their way of teaching. Instructors use Road Pad in many ways such as to view a satellite image of any road or junction and use the built-in drawing tool to illustrate the image and instruct a pupil. They can add road users to the screen and position them to re-create real life situations. They can also save their most commonly used images so they can be retrieved immediately, even when a network connection is slow or unavailable. This means pupils can learn exactly what they should be doing in any given situation.