How We Are Helping Europe’s Refugees

We have partnered with Dentists who voluntarily offer their dental skills at the Jungle Refugee camp in Calais. We feel their volunteering is truly altruistic and a wonderful initiative.

No data was being retained regarding who uses the dental services and the dentists wanted to capture that information. We explained that they could be supported with mobile data capture app.

The dentists can now collect information about their patients who are coming from unknown backgrounds. As the camp suffers from limited network coverage the app is designed to store and synchronise all data in an efficient manner. There are plans to share the data with the EU Parliament and United Nations.

“We really enjoyed building this app as it provided the opportunity to experiment and implement the very latest technologies. More importantly we take a wonderful sense of pride that our app development services are helping those in need” – Steve Hilton

The app is available to dentists privately on Android and iOS.