Working with Microsoft on Augmented Reality

We joined forces with Microsoft to build an Augmented Reality app. The app helps users of wheelchairs to escape from a building when the fire alarm is detected.


Steve Hilton delivered the presentation


The objective was to create and maintain up-to-date routes through cities and buildings for wheelchair users, delivered through augmented reality. The benefit is safer, quicker and trusted travel routes between locations, created by those who use them. The application is accessible via HoloLens or Smartphone. This is also extremely useful to the deaf with visual direction arrows.


Visual direction arrow


We’ve plenty of experience of working with big names, but it was still an honour to collaborate with Microsoft. Microsoft believe that augmented reality (AR) can be popular on all manner of devices like Android and iPhones.

In the last few weeks Augmented Reality has become easier to deliver on both Android and Apple smartphones. Liberty Apps are ready for the Augmented Reality improvements in both Android and Apple phones.


What’s Augmented Reality?

AR superimposes virtual objects onto the reality around you. It doesn’t require special glasses, just one of the latest phones. Thanks to some smart sensors and serious computing power your phone can recognise things in the world around it like a table surface or floor.

This means a new set of AR apps can render digitally generated objects as though they existed in the real world. Using your phone’s camera you can interact with these objects to do cool new things.

What’s AR being used for?

You’ve probably already used an AR app or two already. Snapchat’s face filters and Pokemon GO both use variations of AR technology. And AR isn’t just for fun – it’s quickly expanding to shopping, education, productivity and even health.


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