Liberty Apps in Silicon Valley

During a visit to California guess who managed to tour THREE of the biggest tech companies in the world? On a fact finding mission I received exclusive access to the offices of Google, Netflix and LinkedIn in Silicon Valley.

In May I was excited to visit the Googleplex in California to attend the big Google IO event. I decided to expand on the original trip and change my strategy. The mission was simple – tour the best tech companies in the world. This is what I learned…

Google was just special. Everything was as you imagine with the slides, dinosaur skeletons and branded bikes. Geeks playing volleyball took me by surprise though! There are a few images around the Googleplex below.



Netflix was an amazingly open place. They have their own lecture theatre and their employees were happy to engage with me. The team explained everyone, both customers and staff, are on the same beta version of Netflix. That means all staff have to pay for Netflix themselves to encounter what a customer feels. One major point about the Netflix office was that their workforce was extremely diverse by both gender and ethnicity. Here is a gallery of the Netflix office.



LinkedIn was a very casual place with big rooms of multi coloured furniture and a massive kitchen. Look closely below and you’ll see sleeping bags, pillows & a barbecue near the window. Here is a gallery of the LinkedIn office.



During the trip I hired a car from Manchester based Rental Cars to get around Silicon Valley. Thanks guys!

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  1. What a fantastic way to see these top tech companies first hand ! Hope you had a great time there Steve.

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